A week in photos

October 06, 2013

Well, to be honest, this is more like the weekend in photos. But who's looking to be specific? It became unusually warm here a few days back, but that didn't stop us from heading out to the backyard. I hadn't had any jump shots taken for a (very) long time, so it was about time that error was rectified.

We also went out for brunch this weekend, which is always a good experience. You're adequately hungry for a decadent meal, and don't feel the guilt as much since it combines two meals. We went to a Greek restaurant, where we both had Greek omelets (eggs, feta cheese, veggies, etc) with salad, fries and toast. We also got a complimentary drink each (champagne with peach juice). Brunch is probably one of the only times you can have a drink in the day with no judgement.

I've been crazy busy with work, but it's good. I like being able to work towards a goal. Here's looking forward to a new week of work, and other interesting things. Have a good week, y'all!

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