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April 28, 2011

Does life imitate art? Or art imitate life? Well, today I found myself imitating both! Ok, I don’t mean to confuse people, but right now I seem to have confused myself. What I meant was that today, I went for an art exhibition. I am no art enthusiast, let me just clarify. However, not knowing something has never stopped me from doing it, trying all the time that I blend in the whole time. Sure it may lead to some truly embarrassing situations. But the secret in those cases is: Grab any evidence that it ever happened, and deny it if asked.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic. The topic of the exhibition was Logarithm of Light. It was an abstract representation of graphs, using bright colours and different media. I know, heavy! The problem with such subjective topics, for me personally, is that I tend to get stuck trying to understand the work of art. I stare at it, till it becomes an optical illusion. Then I blink, rub my eyes, and stare again. My mind tends to drift, and after a while, I realize I wasn’t even thinking of the painting any more.

And that is exactly what happened. As I continued to stare at one of about 30 paintings in there, I entered a state of suspended animation. I wondered what it would be like to put people on exhibit, telling every one how quirky/weird they were. I have met so many such specimens in my life already, I could surely think of some who would fit the criteria of display.

For example, one could read ‘The exhibit shows all the qualities of being an intelligent life form. However, when examined and interacted with, it was found that she lacked basic sense. When told this, she proceeded to giggle and flip her hair.’ Now such an exhibition I would instantly understand!

Mentally present or not, I did enjoy the experience. Needless to say, the artist (who was present at the exhibition) thought I was a very deep thinker, who was examining each painting intently. Ahh… Mission Accomplished!

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