Copy Cat

April 17, 2011

When one thinks of comparing our film industry with Hollywood, one of the things we all thing of (if not shout out loud) is Imitation. People have the right to disagree if they please, but might I remind them of the name of our industry (B-ollywood?!)

Recently an English movie, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston was released here. After watching its trailer, everyone (me included) was shocked at its resemblance to a David Dhawan directed, not-funny-but-just-plain-lame movie. 'Has it finally happened!' I gasped. Has foreign cinema suffered such misfortunes that it must look to Mr. Dhawan for inspiration? Even the thought of it left me stunned.

The world of imitation cinema flashed before my eyes. I remembered Bappi Lahiri's Aooa Aooa, and how much fun it was to sing; till I heard its English original 'Video Killed the Radio Star'. I thought of all the songs Anu Malik had copied, making me want to sit him down and ask him, 'What the hell is wrong with you?' The movie Khamosh came to mind, which was a terrible copy of a brilliantly thought of English movie, Identity. And no one can forget the ridiculous conversion of Will Smith starrer Hitch, into 'Partner'. And those were just a few.

However irritating it was, we had all come to accept the habits of our industry. Some even thought of it as a charm (about as charming as a pimple). And then to see this can't blame me for being dramatic. However, it was soon reported in papers that this Sandler starrer was a remake of a Broadway show. And just like that all was right in the world again.

Don't get me wrong. A lot of work done in our industry is very good, and it could be possible for others to want to do the same. But lets be honest...the day movie makers looked at Mr. Dhawan for good cinema...will be a dark day indeed. :)

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  1. duish.....u just sayin ur view baut Mr dhawan...actually i think according to me whole bollywood industry has turned a ni8mare n nothing else.....mre n mre remakes of hollywud movies to cum.....n besides that de old songs turning into voilent/vulger remixes... yucks why dey r nt understanding it? and de videos are utterly yucksssss wht dey do try to shw???......when we were kids we dint saw this things??? bt nw the whole system sucks!!!


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