When poetry lost its mind....

April 23, 2011

Ok. So as I go through my last posts, I realize that I may unintentionally be passing off some of my irritation on to the Internet. And that's not the purpose of this blog, is it? Why make it serious, when here's a chance to be funny!

So the other day, with lack of any intelligent thoughts in the noggin, I wrote a poem (I imagine all the poets of the world shuddering at this very moment). So, for every one's amusement, here it is.

When I was 5, I thought a while, that playing was all that I'd do
But then the girl, next to me hurled, and just like that I was through

When I was 12, I thought, Oh well, at least I have a jump rope
Then I skipped, and badly tripped, and lost all skipping hope

When I was 18, I thought a scene, in which I was the lead
But sadly still, I found no will, film makers with no need

Now I am 22, a sad old shrew, and I look back fondly and sigh
And wonder how, I got here now, and how fast this time went by.

Yes, I amaze myself with my eloquence.

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