A wedding and infinite love

September 24, 2012

A rather well-fed cat watching the ceremony from a house nearby

On a pleasantly sunny Saturday afternoon, my cousin got married to the love of her life in a magical ceremony. My sister and I were privileged to be a part of this event, and unlike last time, I made sure I kept my camera close.

I took a few shots of us getting ready (in monochrome. Artistic, no?) and some of the ceremony. Unfortunately, the lens of my little point and shoot wasn't powerful enough, but it did the best it could and I'm happy with what all I could capture. We were handed booklets telling us about the different customs during the ceremony, and the priest explained what they symbolized. This made it so much more special because we weren't just watching, we were a part of the event. I kept glancing at the families and their expressions said it all. It was a beautiful ceremony.

At the mehndi function a few days earlier, I wasn't too eager to get any put on my hands. I did, however, get the talented artist to make a heart on my non-tattooed wrist. My wrists now signify infinite love; a positive thought in general and something I wish for the newlyweds.

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  1. Oh it looks beautiful! Go infinite love!

  2. Your little point and shoot did some pretty nice work there, I'd say.
    Congrats to your cousin.
    Oh and by the way, those hand tatoos? Visually fascinating, and a bit sexy, I must say.

  3. Thanks A.Decker! The tattoo is on my wrist, and the other one is just made of henna, so temporary. :)

  4. Just finally catching back up on your blog and past posts. You were an indispensable part of putting this wedding together. It meant so much not only to have married my best friend on this day, but to look around the mandap and into the guests and literally see the love surrounding us in the form of those 3000 flowers that you and your sister were so focused on making. That love radiated all around, and we were so blessed to have you be such a huge part of our special day.

  5. You're so sweet! And the ceremony was wonderful, everything went about beautifully. We were glad to be a part of it. :)

    And I love your profile name, it's so cool! :D


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