Flowers and a wedding

September 21, 2012

My cousin's getting married in a few days, and I'm so glad I can be a part of it! Indian weddings are always bright, colorful, and full of character. They might not be as lavishly celebrated in this part of the world, but the essence of the event will always remain the same.

This evening I attended a mehndi function at the bride's place. I curse myself for forgetting my camera at home! Why is it that the day you find a dozen interesting shots just waiting to be taken, you leave the one thing you need to take them at home? I will, however, carry it on the wedding day and sneak some candid shots.

These pictures are from a few weeks back, when we made close to 3000 little red and white flowers to decorate the canopy under which the couple will get married. We would scrunch and twist strips of paper, and hot glue the stems that were of fabric. They have now been strung, and will hang all around the bride and groom as they perform the rituals in the presence of a priest. It was quite a big task, but once we were done the flowers looked so pretty all heaped together! I can't wait to see the final decorations on the big day. Hopefully, I'll have learnt my lesson and have the camera in hand. 

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  1. I've been in "I want to go to a wedding" mode for the last couple of days and I think it's been upgraded to "I want to go to an Indian wedding." I'm sure the mehndi party was great. Did you get any?

    I look forward to the wedding candids

  2. Well, I'm personally not too fond of getting mehndi put on my hands. The second it's on I get irritated and want to take it off! I just got a heart made on my wrist, just to have some on :D

    I hope you get to attend a wedding soon, especially an Indian one! I look forward to getting some good shots tomorrow, and will put them up soon. :)


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