Three goals before the big one three

September 11, 2012

And after weeks of pulling the disappearing act, I'm back! Yes, it's been a while but if it helps, it has pained me dearly to have abandoned this blog for so long. I spent the last few weeks moving into a new apartment with my sister, running around getting supplies and furniture for the house and working on some designs. And all without internet at home, hence the vanishing act. We get internet in a few days, which is a blessing considering how much we missed it! For now, I procrastinate in college.

After such a long time, it feels so relaxing to go through all the blogs I follow. It's strange how therapeutic it is, and I hope my blog brings a similar response to however many read it. I'm glad I took the time out to do so; it even gave me an idea for how to spend the last few months of 2012!

Elsie of A Beautiful Mess wrote an inspiring post on a few goals she made for the rest of the year. The second I read it, I could think of three goals I'd like to make. So, here they are:

1. Get yourself out there and make new friends: Moving to a new, rather fast-moving city is tough when you don't know many people around. Granted I have some family to turn to, and I'm very grateful for that, but after a month in the city I can't say I've met many people. So, a goal for the next few months is to get out and meet new people around the area.

2. Experiment and explore, as much as possible: It's overwhelming how many things there are to do around new york. It's also wonderful that one can be whoever they choose to, because no one really cares. Such a contrast from all the eyes that are usually on you in Delhi. So, I might as well take advantage of that, right?

3. Hold on to the things that matter: It's so easy to forget the things that matter when you are busy trying to figure stuff out. These can be things like keeping in touch with friends and family, or something as basic as laughing. So, I felt it would be a good idea to make it a goal.

My goals are simple, and very do-able. The more complex ones have/will go in my list of 25 things to do before turning 25 (yikes!). I'm up to 15 tasks now and seem to have blanked out for the moment. The list will be up as soon as it's complete. Till then, I hold on to these three. 

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  1. Glad to see a post after some days..:) Love reading it.:)

  2. Thanks Shweta! Keep reading! :)

  3. To some these may seem really trivial, especially those of us who dream of New York but I think they are great goals. Goals, which even I can implement. I live in one of the fastest African cities (Johannesburg) but I never do anything or have any tangible friends or even laugh that much. Good luck with this AND the 25 before 25. I drew up a 20 before 21 and I haven't finished one thing (with three months to my 21st.) I truly can't wait to read your 25 before 25 list.

    Love from Jo'burg

  4. Thank you! It's about time I got done with mine. I should now get started on them. Last time I made the list a few months before my birthday so I couldn't complete all the items on it. Hopefully, this time will be different.

    Good luck to you too. I love your blog, just got a chance to go through it. Send me a link of your 20 before 21 list, I'd love to see what fun things you did. :)


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