Me? Well, I got caught in the rain.

July 12, 2013

It seems like I'm saying this a lot, but it's been a while, no? There's no other reason for it, except that I didn't feel inspired to write. It's a sad thing to admit, but one must be honest. But today I figure I'll just write about anything and get over it already!

So, it's getting to be monsoon here. If you're familiar with Delhi weather, you'll know that monsoon means spurts of rain followed immediately by bright sunlight. It's odd! However, the other evening the weather gods decided to give us a big show. I was out with a friend (sitting on the terrace of a cafe!), when we spotted the grey clouds above us. Knowing how unpredictable the signs can me, we joked about how a few drops of water is all that can be expected. Boy were we wrong! In a few seconds, we were saving ourselves from the wrath of the rain. It was quite fun for a while (we even stopped for some good ol' roadside chai). But again, if you're familiar with Delhi, you'll know that rains are also synonymous to traffic jams. It took me two hours to get home!

At one point, I was stuck behind a car for what seemed like a month, and I thought 'I hate this car with every fiber of my being. And I will hate it forever'. It was then that I realized I was going a little crazy, so I did the next best thing. I took pictures of myself looking pensive and melancholy.

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