Three Things This Thursday

October 08, 2015

As I updated myself on forgotten blogs the other day, I came across something wonderful. Bee, from Vivatramp talked of the little things that made her happy in her H is for Happy series. This is something she's been doing for a while now, and I think it's a brilliant idea! We're usually so caught up in our lives that we totally overlook or disregard the moments that make us smile. Sometimes, it's nicer to focus on the smaller picture, and that's what I'm going to do. 'Three Things This Thursday' usually had me telling you all about three cool things (well, things I thought were cool) I found on the internet that week. Consider this a refreshing change!

This week has been a slightly difficult one. I recently switched jobs, and even though the people at my new place are very nice, I feel like a total outsider (yes, I am socially awkward). Also, I've been under the weather through most of it; feeling mentally and physically exhausted. However, through these times, there were always moments that made me feel better. Here are three of them:

1. A random text message from an old office friend made an otherwise dull (and slightly lonely) evening at work quite cheerful.

2. I saw the movie Inside Out this week, and really liked it. It's totally relatable no matter how old you are. You can also see characteristics of yourself and your friends in the characters, which is so much fun!

3. I went through all my old blog posts yesterday, right back to 2011! Some posts I read twice! I had forgotten what joy this blog has given me. It was my companion when I was bored or lonely, it was my means to talk to the world and it was my reason to keep my life interesting. And reading through it now is like flipping the pages of a dairy, and reliving all those times again. It really motivates me to keep documenting my life, so some years from now I can read this and feel content.

What are the three things that made you happy this week?

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