A week in photos

October 12, 2015

A very happy Monday to all of you out there! Usually I would do my 'week in photos' post on Sunday, but seeing as it is the official day of sleep, I did just that. I slept. Anyway, here's what my last week looked like:

Monday: Have I mentioned how freaking hot it is in Bombay these days? Well, it is! Having started a new job, I now need to travel by train to work. This is quite a contrast from the earlier days when I was about five minutes away from office! So these days, I reach office all bundled up, trying desperately to hide from the sun.

Tuesday: This day marked the beginning of my resolve to get back to running. I strapped on my shoes after work and took off to the promenade near my place. Couldn't run too much, but was glad to get started once again.

Wednesday: An evening spent with Seinfeld is just what is needed in the middle of the week, if you ask me!

Thursday: Train stations to and from work get quite crowded. However, the train I take is usually pretty empty (thank god!), so I get about ten minutes to get comfy and relax, before running out of the train to join a sea of people up a narrow staircase.

Friday: Dragged myself out of bed in the morning to get in that run (I still firmly believe that I am not a morning person). Mornings are quite hot here too, so by the end of it I look like I walked through a waterfall!

Saturday: Increased my distance by a bit in the evening, and managed 5 kms before the heat made my head throb. I tried to run through most of it, but I still need to work on my stamina and form.

As I said before, Sunday was the day to relax, as it must be. However, I did go for a run, and made some decent tasting vegetarian fried rice, so it wasn't unproductive at all.

Have a great week, you all!

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