Three Things This (Almost)Thursday

October 23, 2015

Another week has gone by, and I couldn't post 'the week in photos', since I was in Pune for the weekend, and I'm lazy like that. But, here I am again pretending like that didn't happen and that you guys are totally updated on what my last week was like. To sum it up, the week was all about work and trying to get those runs in, and the weekend was spent reminiscing. All in all, a good week indeed.

This week has been busy, when it comes to work. I also have to admit that I haven't been very good with my October Goals! I try to run as many times as I can, but I haven't been able to increase my distance, or reduce my time. Also, I haven't tried 'A Perfect Week' yet. But it will happen soon. I hope.

Anyway, let's focus on the positive, shall we? Here are three things that made me happy this week:

1. Is it just me, or does seeing a happy dog instantly lift your spirits? The other day as I ran in the heat and humidity, I saw the happiest dog in the world taking a walk. He said hello to absolutely everyone he passed by, even rocks and plants!

2. Listened to some Audioslave songs a few days back, after ages! Some songs you never forget. Even after all the years, I still remember the words to the songs. I'm sure I surprised people at work by randomly bursting into the chorus of 'I Am The Highway'!

3. A close friend sent me a message the other day. It was a message sent by a father to his children, and talked about all the things he'd like to tell them in life. It was one long message, but made so much sense. I read it at least five times! It said things like, 'Don't always expect people to behave with you, as you do with them. Be cautious'. Very wise words indeed. I'll talk about all the advice given in another post.

It's Friday guys, the weekend is here! 

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  1. "I'll talk about all the advice given in another post." - Would love to read and grasp that post. Looking forward :)


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