Darr ke aage entertainment bhi hai....

October 23, 2009

A friend of mine is insanely scared of dogs. Every time I see her run and hide behind me to suddenly become invisible to a stray dog, I wonder what she perceives of the dog in her head. I wonder if in her head, this innocent little dog wagging his tail at us has turned into the Tasmanian Devil. I personally am uncomfortable at heights. I wouldn't call it a fear or phobia, but I try my best to avoid looking down a steep mountain (as I am sure a lot of us do for one simple reason: common sense). But when I do look down (I don't believe in common sense :)) I feel like I'm about to fall.
Fear is maybe the most interesting emotion. Its not as over-rated as joy and misery (because those two get way too much importance)
Its used most lucratively in the entertainment industry. A serial showing a group of people laughing at a clown gains no viewers. But if that clown has a hidden butcher knife, which he uses to kill those people one by one, when they least expect it, audiences are glued to their couches.
That's the reason why movie-makers have shown a scary form of everything. Think of a cute, little boy...think of the ghost child in Grudge. Think of man's best friend...think of Kujo.
People write inspirational quotes on how we should all conquer our fears, but the truth is, without fear, our lives would be extremely dull. So would our movies.

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  1. If life was dull without fear, does it actually bring fullness or just entertainment? What if the fear that people create (movies, pics,etc) lead to a problem with the decisions of life?
    Good stuff.

  2. we cant eliminate fear from our lives...but why let it consume us? my point is that we should just have fun with it :)


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