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October 09, 2009

When one thinks of technology or innovation, one inevitably thinks of the Japanese. However, I think their quest to come up with new things to put out has made them a little loopy in the head. The reason behind this being their newest product in the market, the man bra MENZUSUKYANTI.
Available in three colours- white, black and pink, these gems have everything- comfort, removable straps, even place for padding....everything a heterosexual man could ever need....for himself! It's quite ridiculous...the one item of clothing that's clearly feminine (note: not female, FEMININE), they go ahead and market as 'men's'.
I feel no guilt in being judgmental. The people who came out with such a product must have expected it to go on to be the butt of many endless jokes. Especially if it has no functionality what-so-ever. That's right, it is purely for the aesthetic pleasure.
But as I think of a whole bunch of jokes in my head, I stop myself from being too mean and writing them all out. One reason being that some of them are inappropriate for a public blog. Another being that it takes all kinds to make this world. All of whom have the right to go out and do whatever they can to be happy. I guess some of them find the idea of a man in a pink polyester brassiere appealing. :)

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