October 08, 2009

As is human nature, one tries to define anything he does. One also asks others to define everything. As was I, asked to define , Design.
This might seem like a perfectly simple task for a lot of people out there, but for a serial 'over thinker' like myself, it was terrible. A professor in college tried helping me and my fellow confused mates with this dilemma by keeping a seminar on 'The difference between art and design' in my first year of college. I'm sure he made perfect sense, if we could only understand what he mumbled.
The uncles and aunties back home didn't help either. They made it worse. For them, everything meant Fashion Design. Product Design was Fashion Design. Industrial Design was Fashion Design. And as for a seemingly vague course like mine (Communication Design)...well, that HAD to be Fashion Design!
Nearly 4 years have gone by now, and i have learnt a lot about what design me. But i still search for its true meaning. And i think that's what makes it interesting....not really knowing.

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