Is this the end.....of Legends?

October 15, 2009

When the king of pop Michael Jackson died, people in the world pondered over whether this was the end of the Legends. The people who not only get recognition in their time, but are also remembered by future generations of the world for their contributions and distinctive style. People like Elvis Priestley, Marilyn Monroe....
I understand why those people worry. In this day and age, its like every one's out to get FAME. Not so much appreciation and respect for their talent, FAME. And more often than not, they seem to get it. A few examples:
1. A former bar dancer turned 'item' girl has become the most talked about 'celebrity', and after publicly abusing almost everyone in the public eye, and taking part in endless reality shows, she complains about how the media is after her, and how people should 'take her seriously'.
2. Actors are now famous more for their dressing sense and public appearances than their contribution to the art. So the secret to making it these days- a Gucci bag in one hand, an influential person in the other...
3. Even a so-called Swami (or yoga-nut), thinks he should make his opinions heard on topics that have no relation to anything he does. And even then, makes a fool of himself..(Homosexuality is not a disease...greed for money is)
And those are just a few of the many examples that would reinforce the fact, that in our time, there is no such person who will go on to be a Legend. So I join those people who worry.

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