Fashion Clones

October 12, 2009

I have never been one to keep up with fashion. in fact, till a while back, fashion and i were strangers to each other. college and friends (one friend particularly) helped get me in shape a bit, but i still enjoy wearing the faded, slightly ripped t shirt i had when i was in school.
No matter how many faux pas i have made, the thing i like about fashion is that it gives people the chance to explore the different facets of their personality and show them to the world. However, after going out today, i don't think people agree with me.

As i walk through the market of my colony, i see three girls not older than 15 years of age, wearing clothes i would consider wearing to a club. they seem confident, happy even. so i wonder if I'm being too 'old fashioned'. maybe, these girls have found a way to express their personality, which is pretty much harmless. more power to them!

So i walk along, i see two more dressed almost exactly the same. same age, same dressing sense....same personality?

The more i look around, the more of them i see. Then it hits me. Gone are the days where we liked the fact that we were different from the rest ( or maybe that was just me). People have decided to dress exactly the same!

For all those deciding to join the cult, here's the dress code I have been able to figure out:
Guys: Extremely baggy jeans worn right where the butt ends, loose t shirt (preferably polo), more gel on the head than hair.
Girls: Skinny jeans/Mini skirts, mostly monochromatic tops, shiny poker straight hair with glittery clips, ballet shoes.

Noticing all these f-clones makes me take out my old, faded t shirt and wear it with pride. And confidence that even if the whole world dressed exactly the same, my ignorance to the whole ordeal will end up being my saving grace.

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