A new set of old wheels

April 21, 2013

After quite a few months of searching around, I finally got my hands on a bike! I'd almost given up on finding one that'd be just the right amount of vintage (read:not too old and dilapidated) and worth (read:not too expensive). But then there it was, sitting in an ad online.

The lady selling it was a little far from my place, but I got to ride the cycle home, so the situation worked in my favor. I need to get the handle and seat lifted, and a general tune-up. Thankfully, there's an organization offering free bike repair this month!

I did realize that cycling here can get tiring, thanks to the hilly terrain. But my soon-to-be muscular thighs will thank me, I keep telling myself. I'm thinking of naming it something. Maybe RVC, as in Ross(the cycle brand) Vintage Cycle. I think initials are a good idea, just to make it ambiguous enough. Thoughts?

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  1. Yay! You really lucked out. Happy riding!

  2. Here's some bike naming inspiration: my old bike's name was Vishnuraj Sethuram. My mom has him now. My new bike's name is DJ Jazzy Jeff.

  3. Pia, such amazingly random names. I love them both! Must think of something soon.


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