Flowers, flowers everywhere

April 05, 2013

Just a day after illustrating and writing about the hope for spring, I attended a display that was probably the definition of the season. Is it a sign, I ask? Curiosity aside, Macy's sure knows how to brighten up a person's day, with a burst of color. They put up an extravagant flower showy in a tent outside their gigantic store. My sister had told me about it a few days back, and today I was lucky enough to go check it out. It was beautiful.

The inspiration behind the display was the flora of Asia, which contained many Indian elements like statues of gods, spices and even the Indian flag. The entire tented area was overflowing with different varieties of flowers and plants, each more beautiful than the next. Apart from the tent full of flowers, there were also some amazing window displays at Macy's. I got some pretty good shots of the entire affair, and the burst of colors had me smiling for the rest of the day.

All the flowers and plants at the show were living, smartly displayed to camouflage the pots. Once the show is over, the tropical plants will be transported to the South, and the rest will be taken by a company in Long Island, and used for various landscaping jobs. So yeah, no wastage happening here. All the more reason to enjoy the show!

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