A week in photos

April 22, 2013

After a few weeks of overlooking the weekly photos post, this week I was determined to get back to my usual ways. I tried clicking pictures when I remembered, and for the most part I did. It was a pretty good week, if you ask me (and I hope you do). I got a lot of good work done, got myself a bike and had a fun weekend. Can't ask for much more!

Monday: Spring is finally showing itself, with all the pretty flowers that are blooming on all the trees.

Tuesday: Better weather also means more ice cream! And that translates to walking around the neighborhood on a sunny evening, with a large soft serve. Don't let my expression fool you, it was really good, just really cold.

Wednesday: Running in the park is so much more fun now that it's warmer. More people come out, many bring their adorable dogs, which means there are more distractions. And pretty flowers too, of course.

Friday: As seen in a previous post, we tried some camera experiments at home, after I got inspired in class.

Saturday and Sunday: Well, Saturday was all about my new bike! But it also included a nice dinner out, followed by frozen yogurt. I got a free Sunday, after some time, and spent it with friends and my sister. Her steaming cup of tea was a good subject to photograph.

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  1. Your park is beautiful! It looks like a great place to sit and read/write/photograph/people-watch. When I saw he ice cream shot I thought "yay! it's warmer."

    Lovely post! My favourite series... LOL, I'm nosy.

  2. Anytime I forget to take pictures, I feel bad because I think, 'Darn, Nomali requested this post (the only request I've gotten, ever!) and I forgot!' :D It helps me be more diligent.


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