A week in photos

April 28, 2013

I didn't post much this week, but I did remember to take photos!

Monday: Some time back, I had a moment of realization. An epiphany, if you may. It struck me that with my kind of hair and the way I choose to wear it (read: messy and unkept), a simple trim is very easy to do on my own. Because you can't tell! So yeah, I cut my own hair now. And the dip dyed hair is slowly disappearing.

Tuesday: We have a bunch of mason jars, and with the better weather, what better to do than to plant some herbs? I got a free packet of basil seeds with hand wash (weird, right?), and we planted them last weekend.

Wednesday: Yes, I am eating healthy again. I say again because while I was training for the half marathon, I was particular about what I ate. But right after, the sheer joy of accomplishment got me on a 'I'll-eat-what-I-want-and-more-coz-I'm-awesome' trip. Not a good idea. I'm getting back to the healthy ways now.

Thursday: I ran around to the different college campuses to get signatures for when I travel over the summer. Why can't they all be in the same place, I kept asking myself. But the Brooklyn campus is beautiful, so it wasn't the worst experience.

Friday: My awesome cousin is getting published! Her book is coming out in May 2014. Scatterbrain that I am, I thought it was May this year! I had plans to meet her on Saturday and I wanted to gift her something for it, so I made her a couple of necklaces. She liked them, so I'm glad.

Saturday: Success! The basil plants are sprouting. Honestly, we didn't expect much to happen, so we're both pretty excited by these little fellas. Saturday was also Nora Ephron movie night, so much fun!

Sunday: My sister and I were planning to go out for brunch, but then she decided to make a brunch special at home! And it was yummier and more awesome than any of the restaurants. Getting to watch Mad Men was an added bonus.

The beginning of next week marks the official end of my spring semester. I still have a couple of things to do that will keep me busy in May. But fun things. Then it's off to India for the summer!

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  1. Yay! for your cousin! What a big deal! I love your hair and orange juice.

  2. I LOVE the necklaces - I wore the pink one both yesterday and today. I'm a walking advertisement for you. I hope it helps!

    And Nora Ephron night was so much fun. We should have a continuation of the ones we haven't seen when you return from India.

    (And thanks, Nomali!)

  3. Pia, so glad you liked them! And yes, we should definitely watch the rest once I'm back. :)

  4. Nomali, thanks! We're very excited for her! :D


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