The weekend at Amherst

April 02, 2013

This weekend, I went far, far away from the concrete jungle, to the picturesque town of Amherst. My friend is doing her graduate studies there, and has often talked and sent pictures of her surroundings. I finally got to go see it for myself, and it was just as beautiful as she described it to be.

My first day there, we hiked up a short trail to Mount Sugarloaf, from where we got an unobstructed view of the Connecticut river, and more. It was a wonderfully sunny day, and truly felt like spring. We spent many hours up there, enjoying the weather and view. We then caught a bus to North Hampton, a small town nearby, where we roamed and ate to our hearts content.

The next day, after celebrating Holi, we traveled around to the local springs and dam, one that turned into a beautiful waterfall. It was the perfect ending to the visual delight that was this weekend.

Apart from the lovely sights, the weekend was also spent laughing and reminiscing about our school days. There are so many memories that get buried with time, but we managed to pull out quite a few that made us so happy. It was a good weekend indeed.

In other news, with Google's decision to discontinue Google Friend Connect looming over us, I think I should join the bandwagon and announce once again that my blog can be followed through Bloglovin'. You can find the link of the right sidebar at all times.

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  1. It looks so lovely and tranquil. Whenever I see "Hamptons" I think the rich and the fabulous.

  2. Me too! Which was another reason I wanted to see the town. It's filled with eateries and shops, and people vacationing. So much fun. :)


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