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July 18, 2012

Since the big sister has been in town, we've been quite ambitious with our meals. I'm not a big foodie, and each night I nurse my extremely full stomach, chanting 'Tomorrow I'll eat light'. But a new day means a new menu. Saturday night we went out with my cousin for some coastal food, and the proof of the overindulgence is in the pictures.

The meal started with some spiced buttermilk, which cleanses the palette. The condiments included an extremely spicy, dry chutney called gunpowder (which was also the name of the restaurant. Go figure!). The non-vegetarian at the table had some mutton, which was marinated in spices. The vegetarians (read plural. yes, we are taking over the world.) had mixed vegetables in a coconut and cashew sauce, and a chickpea gravy. We ate it all with malabar paranthas (a layered roti) and dosai ( a really big dosa!). The food was amazing, and I enjoyed every bite of it. But needless to say, I had no place for dessert.

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  1. Yeah I loved the ambiance, though not the cuisine . Overlooking the lake rocks. Esp on cold December nights.

  2. I agree; a very nice winter hangout spot!

  3. Mmm, that all looks so yum!


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