I'm a poet, and I didn't even know it!

July 23, 2012

I thought of this poem today, for reasons known and unknown. I wrote it about five years back (wow!) when I was still trying to nurture my poetic sensibilities. The aim was not to rhyme (although it was good if that task was achieved), but was to write down what I wanted to in a way that I understood and others tried to decipher. This was probably my best attempt at it, at the time.

Writing has always given me a sense of solace. Many times I sit down to write the next great Indian novel, but end up noting down things jumping around in my mind instead. Even though the purpose I set out with is not fulfilled, I do come away with a feeling of accomplishment. I'm so glad to have something apart from design that I can turn to when I need a break. And reading this poem from years back makes me want to give poetry another shot, even if it is the silly kinds.

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  1. I love the poem ! especially the sense of mystery and the fact that it becomes mine when I read it and yours when you read !

  2. Thank you! At the time it was just a form of expression, but I'm so glad you liked it :D


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