Rain drops keep falling

July 14, 2012

The rains are finally here, and boy are we happy! The humidity and heat was making it really difficult for me in particular (I suspect I lived in a cooler place in my last life), and I'll take big puddles, water-logged roads and traffic over it, any day.

Yesterday we enjoyed the heavy showers in our front yard, splashing about in the little pool that had gathered because of it, something we hadn't done in the longest time. It's strange how we overlook the little things, isn't it?

My obvious lack of blog updates bears witness to the fact that I am very preoccupied these days. It doesn't mean I've forgotten about my virtual world. I regret my absence from it, but I will try to be more regular soon. Till then, for those of you who are experiencing the monsoons like I am; I suggest you enjoy it with a warm cup of coffee and an interesting book.

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  1. Our monsoon season is at it's beginning stages. It's slowly gaining speed before it hits us full force. The weather is unbearable, but I do love rain and lightening storms.



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