Rosemary's baby

July 08, 2012

So last night I finally watched Rosemary's Baby, which was directed by Roman Polanski, and adapted from the novel Rosemary's baby by Ira Levin. For those who haven't heard of this movie before (which is a small demographic I'm sure), it's about a woman who basically gets impregnated with the devil's baby. Yes, that's right, the devil. To be very honest, I didn't like the movie. Especially the ending, which I will not reveal. But seriously, how could she do what she did when she saw what she did? And had she known earlier, would she have done what she didn't do? Confused yet?

The movie plot aside, I did like the look of the movie. Old movies have a certain indescribable charm, don't they? I also loved Mia Farrow's outfits in the movie. She made me want to cut my hair! Here are some snapshots.

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