Hello there, it's been a while

July 07, 2012

I've been feeling really uneasy for the past few days. I wondered what this was about, till I sat down to write a post, and the feeling disappeared! Blogging sure becomes a part of one's life, doesn't it? I must apologize for the impromptu break from blogging. I was travelling for a few days, and those semi-nomadic days left me with a very persistent bug. Sigh, and I hope to travel the world some day.

Delhi is being quite relentless in making it tough for me to get out. From hot and sunny it has now moved on to extremely humid. A welcome drink at this time is the wonderful raw mango smoothie mum makes. Living at home has so many perks, no?

It's really simple to make, and so much healthier than store-bought juices. You can make it by steaming some raw mangoes and blending their pulp with sugar and cumin powder (according to taste). This can be mixed with water and had at any time. Also, to add some color, I made some strawberry ice cubes. These melt slowly into the drink and add a hint of flavor that makes the drink all the more interesting. Yum!

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