A week in photos

December 16, 2012

My week wasn't too eventful, but I made sure to capture the highlight of each day. That's the wonderful thing about this post, no matter how dull your day was, you always try and find one good thing to note. Thanks again, blogger friend!

Monday: Passed by a reminder of how it's a different part of the day at different places around the world (the sun was rising in New Delhi!) on my way to meet family for dinner.

Tuesday: Best lunch sandwich ever! That's an egg and cheese pesto sandwich and it was delicious.

Wednesday: Sipped green tea (and bourbon tea a little later, thanks to the big sister) to fight the cold germs.

Thursday: So that's the second time I visited this place last week. The reason for this will be revealed soon.

Friday: We celebrated the end of the week with pizza from yet another pizza parlor around the neighborhood. We were very happy with our decision. We also made guacamole (first time I did that!) which was awesome.

Saturday: I finally got to get out, after almost the entire week spent on the couch. It was also the night of SantaCon, a ritual where enthusiastic bar crawlers find yet another reason to get drunk and go crazy. Only this time, they dress up like Santa Claus. As expected, I saw many drunk Santas on the street.

Next week is much anticipated, mostly because some of my favorite people are visiting the city! We plan to eat a lot, roam around a lot and trouble each other a whole lot (or I plan to trouble them *evil laugh*). What fun!

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  1. Lovely pictures. How was the Goose Bump wine?

    Question for you - I have collected a large number of Bonne Mama jam jars over the years and I was thinking of doing something with them. We currently use them as water glasses, but I was wondering if you had heard of anything else sort of fun to create? Any thoughts?

  2. It was actually pretty good. I wasn't sure when I got it (I know nothing about selecting wine!) but we enjoyed it.

    Cool! Yeah a couple of ideas come to mind. I'll email them to you :)

  3. How'd I miss this?! These are great photos, Priya! The clocks are so apt and your sandwich looks yum.


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