Cover your eyes

December 05, 2012

Fun fact: I'm obsessed with horror movies. I cover my eyes through a lot of the scary parts (as can be seen) and spend the rest of the night obsessing over what I did see, but I love them. And luckily for me, my sister does too. For the last couple of months, we've been watching horror movies over weekends. But now, we've run out of good ones to see, and eagerly await the dvd/tv arrival of Sinister, Paranormal Activity 4 and Silent Hill 2. To keep my eagerness and quiet impatience at bay, I though I'd talk about my favorites from the last couple of years. Any horror enthusiasts out there that haven't seen any of these should certainly put them on their list.

1. Insidious: When a friend recommended the movie, I couldn't figure out much by the name. But watching the movie extinguished all my curiosity. The movie is about a boy who mysteriously falls into a coma. His parents must figure out a cure, and since it's at the top of my list, what they find is pretty darn scary. If you like creepy ghosts and demons, this is a movie for you.

2. Paranormal Activity 3: I saw the first movie of this series in college, with all my flatmates. And then I waited for the sun to come out before I went to sleep. Yes, I am that cowardly. The third one I saw in a theatre, which made it more scary because I couldn't hide my face as often as I'd like to. Now you know why I wait for the fourth one.

3. Grave Encounters: The movie takes place in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Enough said.

4. The Awakening: This movie is set in the 1920s, a time when England was picking itself up after World War 1. A woman who exposes hoaxes visits a boarding school that's reported the ghost of a child. She soon discovers that her past is linked to the school. They had me at child ghost.

5. The Tunnel: A group of reporters investigate some train tunnels that are linked to a government cover-up. I often think of this movie when I ride the train to college.

The past few days (and weeks) have been all about finishing work. It's not all done, but is certainly getting there, and I can finally see the finish line. I'll probably go on a horror movie marathon the night I'm officially done. Suggestions are always welcome!

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  1. I would suggest "A tale of two sisters" , a south korean psychological horror :)

  2. Oh yeah I've seen the poster. Will definitely watch it. Thanks! :)


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