Keep it moo-ing

December 12, 2012

Moving (and mooing) box? Check. Creating curiosity about what's in the box? Check. Blurry gif? Check. 

A lot hasn't been happening here, and I have a feeling reading about my Tuesday schedule won't be too appealing, so I think I'll create some curiosity about a future post instead. I'm so excited about this, but I must be patient and wait for the right time to write the post, so this teaser is more for my happiness than yours. But hey, you get to watch a blurry gif (it was just one of those days, folks), so it's a win for all!

I received some mail the other day, which would seem like a pretty regular thing to report, except that I hardly ever receive mail. It's sad that the practice of sending letters in the mail is fading, because it's pure joy to receive them. This I was waiting for, so I was pretty darn happy. Thanks to the festive season, there were many online discounts and I took advantage of that, and ordered some items from Moo(I love their website!). And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Yes, I take the 'creating curiosity' aspect of this post very seriously. More on the topic soon.

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  1. Such a cool gif! Tell me... Tell me, tell me, TELL ME!!

    You promise it's good news, right?

  2. It's all good! I can't tell you (even though I really want to!). I'm going to wait till next week so that it's more relevant. :)


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