And do the hip shake, baby

January 29, 2012

On a sunny day like today, wearing an owl necklace may not have been most apt but the little fellow stared at me in the morning with those big black eyes and I decided to take him along. Being Sunday I half expected to spent the day under the blanket (unlike the last one). But my body seems to have adapted to the weekly routine and I was up and out to join Flavor of Art yet again for a day of sketching. Today we went to a college holding a painting competition for children, and tried some quick human sketching. The pleasant weather and warm sun made it a perfect day to be out.

The open field was a sea of yellow caps; children completely absorbed with the task of painting something unique. They took their work very seriously and were determined to have their names called.

A rather funny sight was the barrier made for the parents. They weren't allowed beyond a certain point and many stood on the other side looking concerned. Some came ahead and shouted out to their kids, but were promptly told by the organizers to step back. It was a good idea because the children could then concentrate solely on their work, instead of answering some pretty inane questions shouted out from across the field.

The event reminded me of ones that I participated in, many years back. However, compared to the lovely things the children made today, my work was quite uninspired. Their work today ranged from social issues to landscapes and portraits. It was amazing!

Lastly, on my way home I heard a song on the radio which pretty much got stuck in my head (as always). After some searching it turned out to be 'Shake your Hips' by Joan Osborne. The original is by Slim Harpo. I found myself bobbing my head and singing along, much to the curiosity of the traffic around me.

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday.

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