New year leads to a new look

January 17, 2012

The new year is upon us, and we have all, whether happily or otherwise, welcomed it into our lives. Those of us who may be consumed by the whole 'world coming to an end' drama, I suggest should make 'Live today, worry tomorrow' their personal anthems. I, for one, feel extremely inspired this year. One of the results of this is a whole new look for my blog! The reason for this is simple: I was bored of what it looked like earlier (I wish I could have had some profound reason for such, but that would be whole lot of b.s too early in the year) . The work is a constant one, even though I see the finished look near the horizon.

A task which I considered minor did turn out to be quite a mammoth, mostly because of my own indecisiveness. I would find a theme to install online, proceed to install it and figure out the html codes, make many many changes in the html (all trial and error) and end up disliking the look in the end. Then I would start from scratch. Finally, I am set on the basic look of the blog (for now).

Apart from my blog, I also find myself anxious to learn new things. These range from interpretative dance and sign language to interior design and sewing! I haven't made any of these my resolutions since that term has received too much negative press in the past decade. Instead, I call it my wish-list for 2012.

Wish you all a happy new year, and here's hoping we make the most of it. :)

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