Eleven things in 2011 (Part I)

January 17, 2012

Taking inspiration from the numerous blogs I follow, I decided to list down some of the notable things I did in the past year. The number was chosen for obvious reasons. At first, I worried that the list might not get completed (thereby reinforcing the smidgeon of doubt in my head that I have infact, become really dull). Thankfully, it did, with a few things not making the cut. Phew! For the purpose of comfortable reading, I divided the post into two parts. Here's the first.

1. Moved from Pune to New Delhi: 'It's weird how some things turn out.' If I were to narrate anything about my life, I'd begin with that sentence. The beginning of 2011 had me make some major decisions related to my career. For various reasons, I decided to leave my job in Pune and head back to New Delhi. A big part in this decision was a desire to test out the variety of work I could do as a freelancer. It was heartbreaking to leave a city with so many memories and such dear friends. Pune has given me some of the best days of my life, and I will love it forever. But I have no regrets about my decision.

2. Became a part of an impromptu photo shoot: I am always ready to be a prop in my friends' artistic visions. Luckily for me, two of my closest ones turned out to be quite talented. My best friend from college (and roommate for four years) transformed her interest in makeup into a career choice. My best friend from school deflected from an electronics major to take on photography! The two of them got together for a test shoot and I was more than willing to be a part of it. The theme was a mixture of sinister and naive. It was a lot of fun.

3. Reinforced my confidence in writing: I have always been drawn towards the pen and paper (or more accurately, the keyboard). However, with no background in the same, I always wondered if I was good enough. So, too see if I was, I applied for a job as a writer at one of the most popular magazines in the world, Cosmopolitan. The day I was told I got the job made me happier than a room filled with sundaes! I never did take the job (for reasons I won't go into now) but it did make me feel great.

4. Attended some really interesting exhibitions and events: Delhi didn't fail to show me its cultural underbelly. Having heard about it like a myth, I was and am hellbent on defining it (to myself) as something besides unsafe, pretentious and polluted. So, along with a friend or two, I discovered the talent it possess. We attended photography and art based exhibitions, watched folks jam it out in drum circles and took part in rallies to reinforce the things that mattered.

5. Read ten book and reviewed five: It shames me that the number is so low, and in the following year I hope to quadruple it, but I did get to read a variety of books, and was given a chance to share my thoughts on some of them. Helter Skelter is a wonderful online magazine that is gracious enough to ask me for my opinion. You can check out my latest review on the book, Hot Tea Across India by Rishad Saam Mehta.

More to come soon. :)

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