Eleven things in 2011 (Part II)

January 20, 2012

A continuation of the previous post. And to update the ones who have just joined in, its the second part of a list of things done in the last year.

6. Helped paint a wall: Having had a pretty long absence from the paint brush (I tried my hand at oil painting in the school days. My lovely subject- my pet labrador!), it felt nice to get out and paint. A friend and I decided to make an island with musical instruments and paint it bright and loud. We even wrote our names right on top so that anyone who saw the psychedelic island knew it was ours. Another smart strategy (can't take credit for that) was to paint right next to the name of the cafe, so that our masterpiece featured in any pictures taken of the wall. ;)

7. Visited USA and lived the tourist life: What started as a trip to attend a cousin's wedding (first wedding in my generation :)) turned into a typical tourist life for 3 weeks. From clicking pictures next to celebrity imprints and visiting enormous theme parks to visiting famous restaurants and posing in front of popular attractions; we did it all. My favorite part of the entire trip was the last week, which I spent (sans the folks) with my sister in New York. I got to explore the city, eat a lot of scrumptious food and meet many fun people, thanks to her.

8. Felt humbled by the universe: It's a pity we weren't taught about the universe in a more interesting way in school. From what I discovered, its fascinating! I stumbled upon some videos by the History Channel on space, and it kept me hooked for the longest time. Understanding our place in this universe is an important thing. For one, it is extremely humbling. If all human beings understood how minuscule they are in the grand scheme of things, they would get over their pride of being 'the superior species'.

9. Experienced some time travel: No, I didn't invent the time machine, but I did get to relive some of my childhood days for a while. My sister visited New Delhi twice last year, and any time she comes it feels like we are transported back to our school days, minus the hassle of studies and such. We crack the worst jokes and laugh like crazy, sit on the couch all day watching stuff and eat all the unhealthy food Delhi has to offer. Ok, maybe its much better than the school days.

10. Ran a mini marathon: I have always wanted to run a marathon, a full 42 km one. However, I must be realistic about my inability to do so...now. Delhi hosted its annual half marathon and I was totally excited to take part (as were my brother and a friend). What started from a desire to run the 21k soon became the decision to run the 6k because of a lack of training. However, the whole experience was very eventful and buckets of fun. We ended up running atleast 10k, the remainder of the distance being spent looking for the start line! The confusion also lead to us running a part with the half-marathoners and getting pictures clicked like we had done the whole thing (no wonder we looked so fresh and happy). It was also a wake-up call for me to be a little more fit, which I work on...occasionally.

11. Held on to the things that matter: A not-so-routine cleaning of my belongings at home lead to finding items from my childhood that literally got me bawling like a baby. I am a self proclaimed pack-rat, and I try to let go of that quality. However, sometimes it leads to the most wonderful findings. The memorabilia found now holds an eminent place of display in my room.

The new year brings with it a new slate, to be filled with atleast 12 interesting things to note done. This time I plan to start early. How about you? 

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