Moral of the story: Adventure sports are fun

January 26, 2012

Happy Republic Day! (and I am now officially addicted to making gifs)
Today being a national holiday, many of us woke up much earlier than we usually would on a working day to travel to the outskirts of Delhi for some adventure sports. A brainchild of a bunch of extremely hardworking individuals; the plan was a wonderful one and involved about 30 people in total. The patriotic spirit of the owners of the destination was evident with the Indian flag merrily flying in the wind. I tried clicking a few continuous shots. However, the crisp wind made it very hard for me to hold still!

The area had some very interesting activities lined up for us. The first was rappelling. Now I am aware of the daredevils out there, and I salute them. However, I will be one of the first people to admit their fear in situations involving coming down from great heights, especially where the person on top looks about as big as your thumb when viewed from below (yes I measured.) Rappelling was one such scenario. The fear didn't consume me though, and I managed to travel down without any scrapes or bumps on the way. 

Rule #1: Don't look down.

As we waited for our turns, a herd of goats passed by the mountain top. One of them hopped around us, jumping from boulder to boulder, finally stepping on to the steepest one and calmly looking down like she was standing on a stool. Such a show-off!

Rule #2: Use all the safety equipment you want but no one can outshine the mighty goat.

Rule #3: The person handling the ropes is your new best friend.

Apart from rappelling we drove quad bikes around a large, dusty track that made me feel like I was a part of a chase around the desert in a movie (Isn't it weird how we can imagine ourselves doing crazy things, but only if it were a part of a movie or show? The control the screen has over our minds is alarming!) We also played a game of paintball. We were given a specific number of pellets to fire, and I was one of the first to finish mine aiming and not hitting players of the opposing team.

The day was spent quite productively, if you ask me. All of us who went to the place shouting and laughing came back half asleep. It felt nice to get out of the city for the day, like a mini vacation from it all. I hope to get some more pictures of the activities from people. After the initial shots, I was unable to take many more. Whenever I do, this post will be the first to be updated.

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