Long live the nerds

January 24, 2012

This is my first post under the label 'Self Expression'. To give a little back story I would have to travel to November of last year. I had completely forgotten about Halloween, for which I had thought of dressing up in a weird outfit to shock random strangers at a public place like the mall. So, to make up for it, I used various items I could find at home (dad's shirt, formal vest, hat, etc.) to dress like Clark Kent for my first day at a freelance job. I was pleasantly surprised to find that absolutely no one mentioned my outfit (they probably thought I usually dressed like that). Not only did that day give me an idea for this blog, but it also reinforced my belief that self expression is a wonderful thing. 

Coming back to today, the event I was to go for was, for a lack of better words, totally nerdy. So, to make the experience more fun, I decided to 'dress appropriately' for the day. Imagine my disappointment when I found out (once I got there), that the event has been shifted to tomorrow! And that was after finding the perfect parking spot and proudly smiling at the guy behind me who was also eyeing it. The day wasn't a total waste, though. With a long list of to-dos in my head, I was half relieved by the change in date. 

I love my specs! My grandfather says I look like the Indian version of Betty from Ugly Betty (Jassi)
Nerd away!

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