It's my birthday, I'll purr if I want to

August 05, 2012

Well, I didn't purr. But I had the option to, and that's all that matters. The cat print top (that I absolutely adore) was mere coincidence. Or maybe not. Cutting a rather confusing story short, yesterday was my birthday, and it was pretty well spent. I turned 24, and not-so-surprisingly it didn't feel much different than 23. The day was all about family, and the night was about friends. So yeah, it was balanced.

The arrival of my birthday also made me realize how few items I have actually crossed off the 24 before 24 list. It saddens me, but I shall be optimistic of the next one I make, and console myself with the fact that this time I will get an entire year to cross off the 25 items (I made the previous list a few months back). I have already thought of some new tasks to add to the new list, so it should be up soon!

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