Out with the old, in with the blue!

August 08, 2012

The past few weeks have been complete chaos for me. I've had obstacles to overcome, decisions to make, things to do, and plans to map out. In between the chaos, I completed another year of being my random, goofy self. So, it was only obvious that I gave the blog a new look, right? This new design is simple but with pops of color, has a lot of things happening, and has heart (quite literally!). So, it represents me perfectly. There are still quite a few tweaks to be made, but I was eager to put it up.

The decisions I made were basically profession, and well, geographical. Yes, you guessed it right (and if you didn't, there was probably no way you were going to), I'm moving! I'm leaving behind my home of 24 years, to travel in search of new things. Dramatic, yes. But I can't have it any other way.

To maintain a little bit of mystery, I'll reveal my location at a later date i.e when I actually reach there. For now, I must focus on packing up my life into two big bags, and enjoying my last few days at home. 

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