When in the city, one can...

August 17, 2012

...walk almost everywhere. Dear sidewalk, where have you been for all these years?

...fit right in by keeping a fast pace, and jaywalking. Or, to put it in Indian terms, walking.

...spend a large part of the day with a book and a bagel. And coffee of course. One can spend all day with coffee.

...find signs reminding one of home. It was a bookstore owned by Indians. The name is a cliche, I agree.

...run into celebrities. Or their wax statues, to be more accurate. Knowing my celeb-spotting luck, I'll take it.

Such were my observations after two days in the New York city. I spent both days finishing with college formalities in the first few hours, and walking around the city in the remainder. Sometimes I'd find a nice spot and read for a bit, to give my weary feet a break. Finally I'd return home tired, sore and ready to fall into bed; but with the satisfaction of having made good use of my free time. 

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  1. ooh!! you r in new York!! :)Cute Post!!
    Good luck with your journey and Media course!! :)



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