Marked for infinity

August 11, 2012

The 25 before 25 list is not yet compiled, but an item from it is already cut off! My best friend and I had been talking about getting tattoos for a while. We got the our first ones together in college. I got a rose on my back, and she got a butterfly near her ankle. This time we went a step further and got the same design!

We are both attracted to the infinity sign and it's power. We take it in a very positive sense; for us it signifies infinite happiness, love and friendship. Since I'm moving away (nope, still not telling where), we got them done a few days back. Incidentally, it was also her birthday!

Considering the location, we anticipated a lot of pain. It had been a while since we got our last ones, and the memory of the pain had long left our mind. Thankfully, it didn't hurt much at all. It felt like an irritating continuous prick, and took about 2 minutes to complete. Now, even when I'm 80 (or however old I get), I will remember 10th August 2012.

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  1. Congratulations! Tattoos are a great way of expressing who we are and what we think of life, the universe... everything! And love the choice of design and the thought behind it :-)

  2. Thanks, Shruti. I agree, there's something oddly freeing about being able to express oneself through body art :)


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