The high life

August 30, 2012

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours walking and sitting a little above the rest of the city. I sat among tamed wilderness and stared at the traffic and population below, in what seemed like a reversal of my recent experience in the city. It wasn't the first time I was there, we'd discovered the structure the last time we were in the city. So this time I knew I had to go back.

The High Line is a railway bridge that has been turned into a green pathway in New York. Its about two and a half kilometers long and stretches over the lower west side of Manhattan. The path originally catered to freight trains till the late '20s, after which it was shut down. Much later in 99, two residents decided to preserve and reopen the path to the public. It was redesigned to incorporate a lot of flora, lending to its mass appeal. A charming aspect of the redesign is that the railway tracks have been preserved, as a reminder of the beginnings of the path. You can read more about it here.

I walked along the entire path, clicked some pictures of things I found interesting, and then sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee while sketching and writing in my diary. I miss having physical memories of my life, and the diary is a way rectifying this problem. I'm trying to note down some of the interesting things I have spotted in the last few days. I hope to fill it up completely (unlike the many I'd keep as a kid) and move on to the next one, and then the next, and so on. It's just another reason for me to get out and do fun, new things!

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