Dear diary

April 10, 2012

Isn't it lovely when we come across things from many, many years back? After repeated pleas, warnings and threats from mum, I finally got to clearing (a part of) my cupboard. Being the pack-rat that I am, I came across everything from old stickers and broken earrings to these wonderful books filled with my childhood memories!

Growing up, I developed a habit of keeping a diary. Every year in January, I'd enthusiastically buy a new one and fill it up with anything and everything that was on my mind. The frequency would eventually trickle down towards the end of the year (the time between September and November was sadly ignored) and eventually the new year would bring a new diary! Any time I was upset, I'd ramble on in these pages till a point where it would just seem silly. And then I'd feel much better. That's probably why even today, I find it easier to communicate through written words than speech. Strange, but true.

It was fun going through the diaries, because I have mostly forgotten about those years and the diaries were fun reminders. I was an odd little child, but it sure beats being a dull one. I've lost the habit of noting down my day-to-day activities, but this blog in a way, is my new diary. The difference is that I used to keep my old ones hidden (the secret of it all made it more exciting!), and this one I show to all you folks out there.

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  1. How fun! I love finding things I'd written as a child, though I was never consistent enough to keep a diary. At most I'd write a page or two every couple of years. :P

  2. Yeah! The best part is reading the silly things we used to think at that age :)

  3. "I have to control myself from eating too much" haha!

  4. This is seriously awesome! I can't believe you actually would sit down and write stuff. What fun! I would give up after a week. I wish I had some of my old memories to pull up and read. It's so great that you do!

  5. I think it started with the fascination of being secretive and having that one place where anything you say (or rather, write) goes. But yeah, it resulted in some seriously funny writings. You should start a journal now, so you can look at it in ten years! :)


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