DIY colorful shoes

April 27, 2012

Experimenting with different craft projects results in the accumulation of many supplies. These supplies sit in a corner and quietly call out to you when you're trying to be productive at your work-station that is a few cms from it. You ignore them to a certain extent till an idea pops into your head, and you find yourself totally distracted. This distraction eventually takes over till you face facts and decide to 'take a break' and execute aforementioned idea. Yes, that is the series of events that led to me now owning very colorful shoes. And if you are anything like me, and love taking breaks (which I am pretty sure you are), then here's something that's easy to do and results in some fun shoes!

Items needed: Old shoes you wish to revamp, acrylic paints, a rag, tape and general craft supplies.

Begin by taping up any area you don't want to paint. This will ensure that an unsteady hand doesn't result in messy work. Decide on your design before starting the project, so that you have the appropriate colors and other supplies. Draw the design on the shoes with a pencil.

Apply a base coat on the parts you want to paint, if you are working with dark shoes. If you are painting white shoes, then a base coat is not needed. I decided to use the different colors near me to make stripes on the shoes. Being my first attempt at shoe painting, I didn't want to be too ambitious with the design. It was really simple, though. So next time (yes, there will be a next time), I'll plan something more detailed. I liked the black and white stripes as they were and contemplated just putting a second coat of white for completion. But then I glanced over at the colors, and just kept on going.

The acrylics are waterproof, so one need not worry about the colors leaking. However, they do call for a little more maintenance than regular shoes. While cleaning, it's advisable to use a soft cloth or brush, and not to scrub too hard. Apart from that, enjoy a new pair of shoes!

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