Rain dance

April 26, 2012

The title of the post is very misleading, since there is no actual dance to reference. However, today's outfit seemed to have the effect of a rain dance, since from the moment I put it on the weather instantly changed from bright and sunny to cloudy with a faint drizzle! Such is the effect of bright colors, my friends.

It's the end of April and Delhi has already given us a sneak peek of the havoc it's going to create in summer. I for one could totally be game for some reverse hibernation; choosing to retreat in the hotter months and only come out when it's cool. Alas, I'm not a confused bear.

I have a lot of tasks in my plate for the following week, and making a list of all that needs to be done is only increasing my anxiety. But I do have some fun things planned and if the list doesn't lie, it will be on the blog as well! But for now, I think I'll enjoy the good weather I seem to have brought on (you're welcome, Delhi) and procrastinate (some more).

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  1. The outfit seems very interesting and so does the post ! Way to go ! I have started coming to your blog everyday waiting for the next post!

  2. Thank you AK!! I'm so glad...I hope it gives you a good break from studies (all the best for that by the way)..and keep visiting :D

  3. We've only had rain in England this month.
    I love those trousers! They look great.

  4. Yeah I read about it on your blog. I hope it gets nice and sunny soon! :)


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