DIY stuffed monkey

April 16, 2012

Another day, another do-it-yourself project! This time around, A Beautiful Mess got me rummaging through my stuff trying to find old (but clean!) socks to make a stuffed animal. I was dangerously close to opening my dad's sock drawer, but luckily for him, I was able to find some of my own to tear and sew up.

When handling the two socks, keep one for the body, and the other for the face and other features. An error on my part was to use ankle length socks, and I found myself short on cloth (which compelled me to use a third sock to compensate.) So, it is best to use long ones.

Stitch the opposite side of the sock pieces, so that you can turn them around to get smooth, almost cylindrical structures which can then be filled with cotton till they are full. Once the different parts are prepared, stitch them together! The face was done in a similar manner. The ears were prepared before stitching them on. The nose is the heel section of one of the socks. I stitched a part of it on, then stuffed it with cotton and completed the stitching. I contemplated using buttons for the eyes, but I didn't have any bright blue ones. So I figured color trumped product and went with cloth instead. Once he was done, I felt bad for the little guy and made him some pajamas too. I named him Rufus, and these days one would find him lazing around the tv room.

Look at him watching himself watch television! Such a jobless fellow he is.

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  1. These stuffed monkey sock dolls always freak me out. It looks like an easy DIY project even for the worst sewer. I will probably give this project up to someone else to try, just because of my childhood fear. I did, however attempt the book cover you made. Epic fail, mostly because it turned into a pull string bag for my book instead. Honestly, I'm not sure what happened?! It's cute though. I will attempt to make a book cover later. Finger crossed it doesn't turn into a backpack this time.

  2. Hahaha I have that same fear of porcelain dolls, after watching the Chucky movies! :D All the best for your next book cover attempt. I totally get it; sometimes I try craft projects that seem to start off perfect, till I finish and realize that somewhere along the line I did something wrong! I'm sure you'll make it work this time. And do share what you make! :D

  3. The Sock monkey!! i wanna give this diy a try too!!
    For some reason i'm not able to access Abeautifulmess 's blog !! its been like this for a while now :( She has great DIYs and photos on her blog!! Seen many on pinterest!!

  4. Try accessing it now, I check it on a daily basis, it's one of my favorites :)


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