Green sleeves in the greens

August 18, 2013

(Violinist performing Green Sleeves in Central Park)
So, good weather is synonymous to trips to the park. Or so I would like to believe. This weekend, since a friend was visiting New York for the first time, we all went to Central Park. And the city joined us, and made it a very interesting visit.

The architecture and art around the park is beautiful. There's something to catch everyone's attention. That and the pretty trees and flowers, of course! We also swung by the John Lennon memorial, which is right across the street from where he was shot in front of The Dakota. There were flowers and lovely messages left for the musician, and there were locals playing tribute nearby.

My favorite part of going to a park (or any comfortable public place for that matter) is observing people. I can spend the day walking around watching all kinds of people. I mean that, in a non-creepy, non-stalker way of course. It is just fascinating to see people going about their lives, each different from the other. I always wonder what their lives must be like.

I highly recommend some people-watching till the good weather. You'll be surprised by how interesting the public can be.

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