I'd rather dance...

August 08, 2013

I've never enjoyed flights, my friends. I'd like to travel around the world, but the idea of sitting in an aircraft makes me extremely anxious. In my case, the destination is far more important and desirable than the journey. So, as you can imagine, traveling across the world after a summer spent in India seemed extremely daunting.

Jerry Seinfeld mentioned in one of his monologues that he understood why humans were afraid of flying. It was like putting a fish in a car. Totally unnatural. I must say I agree. After sixteen hours in a large, metallic object at an unimaginable height, I am glad to touch my feet on the ground. Dramatic? Yes.

Moving ahead of my disturbed state, I am back to the Big Apple to continue and finish my studies. Apart from that, I have plans of work I can do. My summer, though extremely joyous and eventful, was unproductive when it came to design. If all goes well, my fall story will be different in that aspect. And as far as this humble blog is concerned, I hope to be much more vocal. Here's hoping all goes well!

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  1. I agree; air travel is very weird. Glad you made it back ok, and good luck in the fall.


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