First snow

November 08, 2012

'The city must look so pretty when it snows!' I remember saying to a friend who'd moved back to India a few weeks before I left. At that point I had never seen snow (except for a few leftover puddles at a hill-station) and in my mind, the entire experience of snowfall had morphed into a single scene of a child waking up in a cozy room to find her window covered with snow, looking out to see all the other kids in the neighborhood playing, and running out all bundled up to join them. It's crazy what christmas specials do to us people born and bred in tropical parts of the world.

Today I witnessed my first snowfall, and although it was very different from the crazy scenario I had playing in my mind, it looked pretty magical. I stepped out of the subway to find my neighborhood covered with snow! My friend did warn me that the after-effects of snow are pretty annoying and I did have a tough time getting home, but for now I'll focus on the positive.

I tried clicking some pictures (and forgive me for the blurry ones) but after a few I was afraid my camera would start looking like the subject matter, so I kept the little guy back in.

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  1. That scene of the child in a cosy bedroom, running out to play then coming in to sit with the family by a crackling fire while sipping hot cocoa is the initial image most of us who aren't natives of snowy places have in our minds.

    Luckily your shoes were good for walking in the white stuff!


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