Training log: Don't take the simple things for granted

November 25, 2012

I've been training for about a month now, and it's been a great experience. I think registering for the marathon in March really helped increase my enthusiasm about the whole thing, and I'm more serious about staying on track now.

When I was starting out, I read through a bunch of articles giving advice to newbies like myself. The basic tips seemed pretty simple, and sometimes I'd think 'Well, yeah, that's obvious!'. It was only after I started running that these basic tips made sense. Some of the realization came from trial and error, and others came from experience.

1. Stretching: While running, it is very easy to cramp up. Believe me. Very easy. Stretching helps prevent this to some extent. Always start with a good stretch, and feel free to stop for a stretch while running.

2. Warm up: The body becomes more accustomed to running with time. In the beginning, it's tough (or really tough). After a bit, your muscles loosen up, your body gets set in motion and the mind takes over. It is very difficult to reach this point of almost suspended animation (which is probably the best part of running) without warming up the body.

3. Staying hydrated: Dehydration causes headaches, light headedness and more cramps. Not a good feeling. I usually stick to water, but I'm planning to move on to sports drinks in a while.

4. Good shoes: People seem pretty obsessed with the funny looking shoe gloves for running, but I like my big, thick running shoes a lot, thank you very much. I thank them for all the work they do.

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