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November 16, 2012

I randomly get ideas for illustrations I can make. These ideas pop up while I'm trying to work on something else, walking/jogging around or drifting off during class. Many times the ideas don't materialize, and sometimes they do. The mocha pot illustration is one from the second pile.

I love coffee, as some of you may already know. The illustration shows what my brain thinks. I was pretty pleased with what I made, so I framed it and put it up at home. I was just about ready to finish thinking about it when I came across a competition on Threadless.com. It was for wall art, so I figured, why not?

It's a long shot to win, especially considering all the talented designers taking part. But challenges are fun, and there's nothing to lose. It would be nice to get some votes (and comments) so here comes the awkward part. Click here to view and score my design! 

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  1. I turn 21 in January. I have walls and I love pretty things. ;-)

    I really like this piece, Priya. And now I want a cuppa

  2. So fantastic! I think hubby and I would definitely want a print of this in our kitchen. Well done. I voted for you. Fingers crossed!


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