Meet me at the Met

November 05, 2012

Over the weekend, some of the subway lines started up, which meant I got to travel in smelly, crowded trains after a week. Pure bliss. A friend and I decided to explore one of the most famous museums in New York, The Met. Yes, that little red speck in the last picture is me. Proof that I finally took advantage of being in this culturally rich city.

I was pretty excited when we decided to go to the Met. Then I got my research hat on, and found that there was an ongoing Andy Warhol exhibition at the museum. Score! Actually visiting the museum proved to be even more overwhelming than the idea of it. I got to stand a few inches from work I used to Google when I was a high school student wondering what art around the world was. Monet showed me his techniques of capturing forms, Picasso led me through his journey to Cubism, Warhol introduced me to his perception of his country. It was amazing.

I took some pictures of various parts of the museum, and other times just tried to take in the magnificence of it all. It's safe to say a few hours aren't enough to take in all that this place has to offer, but it is the best way to spend a day. So another visit is definitely in the works.

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